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Channel Excellence Awards 2011

The awards, announced in Reading on January 28th 2011, recognise Symantec partners in the UK and Ireland that have successfully combined Symantec solutions with their own services to solve their customer’s most complex business challenges.

The winners of the 2011 Channel Excellence Awards were chosen by a panel of judges from Symantec’s UK and Ireland channel […]

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Server Infrastructure

Server infrastructure is an excellent term. It manages to sound important, technical and even complex all at the same time; but what does it really mean? Most companies will need a solid server infrastructure to support their IT system but before one can decide what components need to go into their infrastructure they need to […]

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Server Consolidation: How It Work’s

In today’s competitive market it is important for companies to maintain a highly efficient and cost effective IT infrastructure. The Q Associates IT Server Consolidation Audit will allow you to optimise your IT infrastructure to enable you to reduce cost and increase business performance.

The Server Audit Process

Stage 1 Inventory & Audit – The first […]

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Storwize Rapid Application Storage

IBM is market leader when it comes to providing high quality storage solutions. One of their more recent solutions – Storwize rapid application storage – is no exception. Storwize has been designed to help improve storage efficiency as well as application availability.

IBM claims that its new midrange disk system, the IBM Storwize V7000 “improves disk […]

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IT Infrastructure Growth with Altiris

As the goal of most, if not all firms, is to grow it is important that your company’s IT infrastructure is designed to cope with the increasing demands of your organisation. We all know that IT plays a vital role in the success of companies in any industry especially in today’s digital age. To ensure […]

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Facebook Servers

Facebook has more than 500 million active users and is currently the world’s most popular web site, with more than 690 billion page views each month. This accounts for about 9.5% of all Internet traffic.

Facebook Servers

Facebook operates at least 9 data centres on both coasts of the United States, and is in the process of […]

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Altiris Client Management Suite

Altiris Client Management Suite tightly integrates industry-leading technologies to reduce the total cost of owning client systems. The suite automates time-consuming and redundant tasks to minimise efforts and costs associated with deploying, managing, securing and troubleshooting client systems so you can gain control of your IT environment.

Key Features:

Comprehensive Client Discovery and Inventory – Optimise software […]

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Sustainability & Green IT Optimisation

With the ever increasing usage and need for IT we have seen increases in power consumption by data centres with the need to constantly cool running equipment and servers, which ultimately has resulted in inflated energy costs.

Using less power helps cut the cooling bill.
Using smaller, more efficient servers reduces the need for expensive rack space.

This […]

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