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EVO:Rail’s EVO:Lution


In 2012, the then CTO of VMware, Dr Steve Herrod, was credited with coining the term ‘software-designed data centre’ or SDDC.

The principle is quite simple; abstract the compute stack components into a software layer. This then orchestrates and manages those components to deliver a consistent and repeatable deployment model.

Today the message consumers are hearing is […]

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5 Reasons You Need Wan Optimisation

The volume of information flowing through our work and personal lives is going in one direction and one direction only, up.

The natural by-product is that the sheer volume of data puts the traditional capability of the average WAN under unprecedented constraint. Take a glance at almost any network monitor and you will see packets regularly […]

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NetApp Announce 3x Special Offer

Does your organisation suffer from slow application responsive times that affect revenue, productivity, or customer experience?

On Monday, NetApp announced a special offer for all-flash systems that could help businesses solve all of the above.

NetApp’s 3x offer is available for buyers of the select NetApp all-flash systems, with a guaranteed 3X increase in database performance compared […]

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