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IT Infrastructure Growth with Altiris

As the goal of most, if not all firms, is to grow it is important that your company’s IT infrastructure is designed to cope with the increasing demands of your organisation. We all know that IT plays a vital role in the success of companies in any industry especially in today’s digital age. To ensure [...]

Post: January 12, 2011 by Q Associates

Altiris Client Management Suite

Altiris Client Management Suite tightly integrates industry-leading technologies to reduce the total cost of owning client systems. The suite automates time-consuming and redundant tasks to minimise efforts and costs associated with deploying, managing, securing and troubleshooting client systems so you can gain control of your IT environment.

Key Features:

Comprehensive Client Discovery and Inventory – Optimise software [...]

Post: January 7, 2011 by Q Associates

Altiris Asset Management Suite

Altiris Asset Management Suite from Symantec maximises existing IT investments by actively eliminating unnecessary costs, managing contract, aligning service resources with ITIL standards, and accurately measuring asset total cost of ownership (TCO). The suite provides the accountability for tracking assets from procurement to disposal to deliver the best value.

Key Features:

Track IT Assets – Easily discover [...]

Post: December 23, 2010 by Q Associates