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NetApp 2017 Technology Briefing

Q Associates and NetApp invite you to attend an exclusive event in London on Thursday 27th July 2017.

This unique half day event will include presentations on the 2017 NetApp portfolio, with specific reference to recent technology developments and announcements. The event will also include an overview of the NetApp future technology roadmap, together with key [...]

Post: July 5, 2017 by Q Associates

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Q Wins UK Storage Award


We are pleased to announce that for the sixth year running Q Associates has been named Corporate Storage Provider of the Year at the 2017 UK Storage Awards.

This is a huge achievement for Q Associates and is the eighth consecutive year that we have been successful in taking home an award.  “Corporate Storage Provider of the Year is particularly [...]

Post: June 21, 2017 by Q Associates Marketing

Exeter College Invests in Scalable Lenovo Infrastructure

With operations growing and student numbers continuing to rise, Exeter College’s existing IT infrastructure couldn’t keep up. The college migrated its mission-critical applications on virtual servers to Lenovo Flex System. Read More…

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Post: June 8, 2017 by Q Associates Marketing

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What is the Data Fabric?

Hybrid and multi-cloud deployment models are becoming the new normal for enterprise IT organisations. With these mixed environments, new challenges around data management emerge.

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Post: March 13, 2017 by Q Associates

What does Brexit mean for EUGDPR?

The last couple of months have been turbulent for the UK and as the dust settles regarding the landmark decision to leave the European Union those of us involved in the world of regulation are being asked what it means for EU GDPR?

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Post: February 2, 2017 by Q Associates

‘Chasing Clouds’ – Why everyone wants a FlexPod with OpenStack

This year FlexPod has extended its impressive validated design portfolio to include an OpenStack solution; which if you’re already a FlexPod evangelical, is pretty good news to say the least.

The great thing about an OpenStack solution built on a converged infrastructure is that the speed of cloud deployment alone will increase dramatically. It will also [...]

Post: January 27, 2017 by Q Associates

The rise of Cisco’s UCS

Mention Cisco and most people immediately think of all things network, which is understandable as they are still market leaders in that space. However how many would naturally say that they’re a company which provides stateless computer servers? Probably not the same number that reflects the facts.

By 2015, IDC stated that Cisco, with its UCS [...]

Post: January 19, 2017 by Q Associates

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HyperFlex, Cisco’s Next Generation of Hyper-converged Infrastructure

Earlier this month CISCO announced the latest edition in their product family, HyperFlex. Already being coined as the ‘next generation of hyper-converged infrastructure’, HyperFlex combines innovative software defined storage and data services software with Cisco UCS.

It also delivers the capabilities that customers have been waiting for in a hyperconverged solution. By extending their strategy of [...]

Post: January 13, 2017 by Q Associates

Veritas Research Shows Digital Hoarding Behaviour is Pervasive, with Employees Willing to Give up Almost Anything but Their Data

Veritas research reveals that 82 percent of IT decision makers admit to being digital hoarders which pose serious financial, security and data management risks to organizations.

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Post: October 23, 2016 by Q Associates

Create a Flexible IT Environment with the Public Cloud

Developing new applications in the cloud may require learning to new tools and processes, while moving existing applications often requires recoding for the cloud service provider’s platform—a costly and time-consuming process.

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Post: September 14, 2016 by Q Associates