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NetApp announce SolidFire acquisition

It’s no secret that NetApp’s journey to buy SolidFire has been a turbulent one. Despite initial rumours beginning late last year the acquisition wasn’t officially announced until early February. Now that the transaction excitement has died down, we take a look at what it really means for the industry and both current & future customers.

In [...]

Post: March 8, 2016 by Q Associates

NetApp Announce 3x Special Offer

Does your organisation suffer from slow application responsive times that affect revenue, productivity, or customer experience?

On Monday, NetApp announced a special offer for all-flash systems that could help businesses solve all of the above.

NetApp’s 3x offer is available for buyers of the select NetApp all-flash systems, with a guaranteed 3X increase in database performance compared [...]

Post: November 16, 2015 by Q Associates

NetApp gets serious about Flash!

Following recent announcements, NetApp now leads the flash market in pricing with its new all-flash storage array line. We find out why.

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Post: August 19, 2015 by Q Associates

Top 3 Reasons why NetApp Rock …

NetApp is relentlessly pushing the boundaries of what can be accomplished for the storage platform and are in danger of making what was once a complex, expensive issue look alarmingly easy. But in case you’re in any doubt, here are our Top 3 reasons why NetApp rock.

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Post: November 10, 2014 by Q Associates