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Create a Flexible IT Environment with the Public Cloud

Developing new applications in the cloud may require learning to new tools and processes, while moving existing applications often requires recoding for the cloud service provider’s platform—a costly and time-consuming process.

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Post: September 14, 2016 by Q Associates

University Challenge: Cyber Attacks in Higher Education

Today, data is widely regarded as one of the most valuable assets any organisation can have. Most understand the importance of protecting it against unauthorised access from both competitors & the general public. Despite this, over the past few years we have seen a number of high profile data breaches. We explore one of the biggest threats to Higher Education today & how to stay protected...

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Post: June 7, 2016 by Q Associates

Q Associates TechTalk

Exploring the Software Defined Datacentre Q Associates is pleased to announce Techtalk. A series of informative, informal and technical meetups for IT professionals in the London area. Hosted on the third Wednesday of every month in central London, TechTalk is a chance to meet up with fellow peers and industry experts to talk about technologies [...]

Post: May 26, 2016 by Q Associates

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EVO:Rail’s EVO:Lution


In 2012, the then CTO of VMware, Dr Steve Herrod, was credited with coining the term ‘software-designed data centre’ or SDDC.

The principle is quite simple; abstract the compute stack components into a software layer. This then orchestrates and manages those components to deliver a consistent and repeatable deployment model.

Today the message consumers are hearing is [...]

Post: November 16, 2015 by Q Associates

Introducing VMware 6

With the launch of the latest version of VMware’s technology suite, we take a look under the bonnet.

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Post: August 14, 2015 by Q Associates

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